About company

The Innovate company is founded at the beginning of 2012, but in fact, isn't a newcomer to the soft drinks market.  CEO of the company Oleg Ivanov and his team continue to build the current business following to its successful predecessor – the Global Functional Drinks company.

The launch of the Tornado Energy Drink drink in 36 regions of the Russian Federation became a breakthrough in the soft drinks market in 2009. The success at the consumer causes success at distributor. The number two tobacco distributor The SNS Group broke off the contract with the RedBull company to operate Tornado.

From this experience it became clear, there should be a strong concept to compete on the beverage market. So, remember that Oleg Ivanov and his team started new business.

Innovate doesn’t only create products, Innovate builds brands that mean: discover niches, develops competitive concept, builds distribution, develops competitive marketing strategy at the level of the international players. But the main thing, the company creates all conditions for the comfortable, benefitial partnership.


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